Cheap safety glasses goggles, Buy Quality laser safety glasses directly from China safety glasses Suppliers: Multi Wavelength Laser Safety Glasses Goggles 755&808&1064nm

Now our products line including, Laser Safety Glasses, IPL Safety Goggle, Laser Safety Window, Sodium Light Glasses etc., We walk on the leading edge of laser safety and keep researching and developing always. Package:1X protective goggles, 1X protective box ADY 740-1100nm O.D                               Transmittance                       According
740 – 1100nm O.D 5+        30%                                EN207 : 2009
780 - 1070nm O.D 7+   Availabl e :755 nm,  808nm, 1064nm Application :Alexandrite, Diode, ND:YAG  Laser protection
If invisible laser hurt eyes ?
Yes. Usually invisible laser including 808nm, 980nm diode laser and 1064nm ND:YAG laser, they are even more dangerous than visible laser, and should be more careful while work with it. If low power green laser pointer hurt eyes ?
Yes. We mean low power green laser pointer usually is 5mw to 20mw. This is enough to hurt eyes if donot use it in right way. It is prohibited to see the laser beam on wall, and 100% prohibited to shoot eyes by this kind laser pointers. If a sunglasses can instead of laser safety glasses ?
No, The filter of laser safety glasses have special absorber component to reduce the laser engerny in geometry times. Common sunglasses even cannot block any laser at all because of the characters of laser of high concentration in space and t

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Unit Type piece
Package Weight 0.13kg (0.29lb.)
Package Size 15cm x 10cm x 10cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Model Number ADY #36
Optical Density 1 740-1100nm O.D 5+
Optical Density 2 780 - 1070nm O.D 7+
V.L.T 30%
Application Alexandrite, Diode, ND
Typical wavelength 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm
According EN207
Glasses frame #36-white

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Multi Wavelength Laser Safety Glasses Goggles 755&808&1064nm

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