Cheap generator ultrasonic, Buy Quality generator high directly from China generator welding Suppliers: 900W/20khz High performance ultrasonic welding generator

The principle of ultrasonic welding by the ultrasonic generator 50/60 Hz current is converted into 15,20,30 or 40 kHz energy. The high frequency electrical energy is converted by the transducer is again converted into a mechanical movement of the same frequency, followed by the mechanical motion transmitted to the weld head through a set can change the amplitude modulator means. The welding head will be received by the vibration energy transmitted to the engaging portion of the workpiece to be welded, in the region, the vibration energy is by friction by conversion into heat, the plastic melts. Ultrasonic can not only be used to weld the hard thermoplastic fabrics and films can also be processed.
Main application: plastic welding machines and metal welding machine two.
  Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz) UCE-WTI-500W15 500W 15KHz UCE-WTI-500W20 500W 20KHz UCE- WTI-600W15 600W 15KHz UCE- WTI-600W20 600W 20KHz UCE- WTI-900W15 900W 15KHz UCE- WTI-900W20 900W 20KH

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Unit Type piece
Package Weight 30.0kg (66.14lb.)
Package Size 12cm x 14cm x 17cm (4.72in x 5.51in x 6.69in)
Type Ultrasonic Cleaner Parts

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900W/20khz High performance ultrasonic welding generator

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