Cheap heater infrared, Buy Quality heater pool directly from China heater cable Suppliers: Ecoart 1000W Thermal Inertia Storage Heater with Built-in Smart Thermostat

Ecoart 1000W Thermal Inertia Storage Heater with Built-in Smart Thermostat
  Available In Three Sizes: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W
1) 100% Energy Efficient
2) LCD display
3) Safety thermostat with manual reset
4) High density storage bloc
5) Aluminum body, powder coating surface
6) Comfort mode, Economic mode, Anti frost mode
7) 24 hours, 7 days programmable control
8) Keep working  one hour after power off
Our range of Ecoart Storage Heaters are designed to provide economical and comfortable home heating while having an ultra slim design. Storage heaters charge up overnight using cheaper night time energy tariffs and release heat without using power during the day. The Ecoart Storage Heaters are designed to allow a constant release of heat without additional cost.
Ecoart Storage Heaters deliver a comfortable level of heat using convection to fill the rooms in your home with warm air. Thermally retentive heating bricks within the storage heater body warm up gradually over night, when electricity is cheaper if you use an Economy 7 tariff, and push out heat during the day. The manual controls allow you to adjust levels of power input and heat output to suit the changing weather conditions.
The Ecoart storage heater has 2 technologies for a rapid rise in temperature and a long return of heat even after stopping the heating. Ecoart S

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Unit Type piece
Package Weight 15.0kg (33.07lb.)
Package Size 80cm x 75cm x 22cm (31.50in x 29.53in x 8.66in)
Function Waterproof,Remote Controlled,Adjustable Thermostat,Overheat Protection
Certification CE,ROHS,ISO
Application 11-20㎡
Model Number MES-10-TH
Use Office, Meeting room, Study Room
Area Heated <20㎡
Heating Element Carbon Fiber
Power 1000w
Installation Wall Mounted
Electric Heater Type storage and convector heater
Size(mm) 630*158*590
Protective Class II
Rated Voltage 220-240V~
IP Code IP24
Technology Automatic Electrophresis Painting Line
Working Temperature ≤120℃
Working Pressure 16 bars
Testing Pressure 24 bars

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Ecoart 1000W Thermal Inertia Storage Heater with Built-in Smart Thermostat

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