Cheap fullrange speaker, Buy Quality speaker fullrange directly from China speaker speaker Suppliers: pair HIEND Melo David F6 6.5inch fullrange speaker PK lowther K.O Fostex (2017new eddition) free ship

 pair of (2unit) Hi-end 6.5inch Melo David F6 full range speakers(Lcao audio made)      Melo David = davidlouis audio
the mix paper cone made as same as lowther
Souds PK lowther,better than foxstex ​
 2017 new  version.
Upgrade mix paper cone, midrange more smooth and warmer
this fullrangte not only use to fullrange  ,also can use to be mid range .midrange better than scanspeak 8531
Full integration of paper cone, this characteristic is rare in the world, domestic full range speaker either bubble edge or rubber edge. The bubble edge cannot use for a long time, and the capability is not very well. Some people use non-woven fabric to be edge, but it is easily out of shape.
1.All old full range speakers are full integration of paper, due to the request is different, paper edge is very thick, and the integral voice is instability. If we want a thin paper edge, the fiber should strong, and the technology should precise. Not only our hand-made fiber strong, but also soft and thick.
2.Single cone is our famous characteristic. If single cone can reach 20k, it is better than double cone. However, single cone has some defects. The first one is large quality, high frequency will be bad immediately. The second is its directivity is worse than th

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Unit Type Pair
Package Weight 3.0kg (6.61lb.)
Package Size 20cm x 30cm x 50cm (7.87in x 11.81in x 19.69in)
Communication Wired
Model Number F6
Brand Name Melo David
Battery No
Speaker Type Bookshelf

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Pair HIEND Melo David F6 6.5inch fullrange speaker PK lowther K.O Fostex (2017new eddition)

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