Cheap gauge oil, Buy Quality gauge pressure directly from China gauge free Suppliers: 0 to 5kpa Micro Differential Pressure Gauge High TE2000

Differential Pressure Gauge
TE2000 0-5kpa Micro Differential Pressure Gauge High Precision
Dimensions : 4- 3/4" dia. X 2-3/16" deep.
Weight : 510G 
Finished : Baked dark gray enamel.
Connections : 1/8" female NPT high and low pressure taps, duplicated, one pair side and one pair back.
Accuracy : Plus or minus 2% of full Scale, at 70F(21.1C).
Pressure Rating : 15PSI (1.03bar)
Standard gage accessories Include two 1/8" male NPT plugs for duplicate pressure taps, two 1/8" male NPT pipe thread to rubber tubing ada[ters, and thress flush ,ounting adapters with screws.
4. Zero Set
  TE2000 Dial Diameter: 120mm   IN STOCK: We have stock type:0-30PA, ±30PA,0-60PA, ,±6 0PA,0-100PA,0-125PA ,0-250PA,0-300PA,0-500PA,0-750PA,0-1KPA,0-1.5KPA,0-2KPA,0-2.5KPA,0-3KPA,0-5KPA,0-10KPA. CU STOM :The range can be customized,the price depends on the range and quantity. LOGO can\'t be customized.  

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Unit Type piece
Package Weight 0.65kg (1.43lb.)
Package Size 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Brand Name ELECALL
Model Number 0-3kpa
Weight 510g
Type Gas Sensor
Material Mixture
Output Analog Sensor

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0 to 5kpa Micro Differential Pressure Gauge High TE2000

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