Cheap heater 200w, Buy Quality heater heater directly from China heater 220v Suppliers: Insulated PTC ceramic air heater 200W 220V 3 row/mini heater

1pc PTC Ceramic Air Heater 200W 220V (AC / DC) Winter Essential Conductive Type Warm Tool Insulated Row/Mini Egg Incubator Heaters
PTC Insulative corrugated heater(PTC Air heater insulator,PTC Heater for warm air-conditioner) is a kind of large power Non-Surface-Electrified PTC heater with wind blowing.PTC element is fixed in aluminium tube and keep insulated with the aluminium tube.
PTC Insulated Ripple heating element are dynamic heating elements designed to heat up moving air.
The large surface area of the aluminum fins ensures a homogeneous heat transfer adjusting the air volume flow.
This system allows an automatic regulation of the heating power within certain ranges.
Due to the features, there are many application possibilities. In addition to the standard types, special versions for specific applications are available.
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1pc PTC Ceramic Air Heater 200W 220V (AC / DC)
Rated Power:  200W
Rated Voltage:  220V  AC/DC(Either AC or DC is available)
Size:  75.5*76*26mm          
heat material: PTC Thermistor
heat methods:heat radiation by air flow
lead wire: silicone high temperature line
the length of lead wires : 200mm
the length of bare wires : 10mm
main  used in:small instrument, small b

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Unit Type piece
Package Weight 0.25kg (0.55lb.)
Package Size 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in)
Type Hand Tool Parts

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Insulated PTC ceramic air heater 200W 220V 3 row/mini heater

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